NoName Photo Contest!!

10:30:00 AM

CONTEST DATES: July 15th to July 31st; Winners will be announced on August 5th.

 • One photo entry per avatar.
 • Only one vote per avatar per day.
 • Must be wearing at least (2) NoName apparel items. Apparel items are considered clothes or shoes.
 • Photo must have a Summer theme to it.
 • Photo can be a single or group shot.
 • No nudity, please keep private bits covered, pasties are allowed.
 • No sexually suggestive photos.
• Must be a NoName Group member to vote

 *NoName All-Star* 3 months in the NoName bloggers group and a 750L giftcard!
 1st Prize - 3 months in the NoName bloggers group and a 750L NoName giftcard!
 2nd Prize - 1 month in the NoName bloggers group and a 500L NoName giftcard!

1st and 2nd prizes will be picked by the public, the 2 photos with the most votes will win. The NoName All-Star winner will be picked by the NoName staff and management.

Bloggers group prize winners do not need to have a blog to be added to the group, while in the group you will receive all new releases and event exclusives for free! You will need to have a group slot open for invite.

If you're interested in joining the photo contest then please send your full perm photo to ShelbyWindsor Resident. All photos will be located in the Photo Gallery on the NoName sim.

We look forward to seeing everyone's incredible work! Please feel free to post your photos to our Flickr pool

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