HoW #519

"We go old-school during the summer, like swimming or setting up lemonade stands."
- Gail Devers; 3 time Olympian for Track & Field

Toiz - Coastal Juicebar Gacha @ Dreamful
Rare Aloha Juice Bar, Cups, Blender, Juice Menus, neon sign & lemon fridge

Your Dreams - Making the Moment Set
Rare Dimbo Boy and Girl & Pink Tree Polaroid

Aphrodite - Wizard of Oz Table Set Decor @ Enchantment
Platters, drinks, plates & tiered cake

Artisan Fantasy - Juice Stand Gacha
Citrus Cutting Board

Artisan Fantasy - Lemonade Stand Gacha
Strawberry Lemonade Dispenser, Lemonade Drink, Strawberry Lemonade Drink & Lemonade Swag Garland

Artisan Fantasy - Limeade Group Gift FREE!
Cherry Limeade Dispenser & Drink

235 Factory - Tropical Nights Gacha
Mini fan, Drink Boxes (grey, white & pink)

Apple Fall - Lemon Group Gifts FREE!
Lemonade Bucket & Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake

Floorplan - Wall Light Box & Letters @ The Forest

Jian - Asbury Beach Bar & Stool Group Gift FREE!

Little Branch - Lemonade Promenade

Little Branch - Green Bamboo Cluster @ Enchantment

Boogers - Funky Fence (Colors)

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