SLR #305

10:28:00 PM
AlaskaMetro is at Skin Fair!
Skin Fair opens on March 13th

No photos have been retouched, photo's were taken using
the Strawberry Singh Original windlight. You can
get her windlights here.

Skin Information
AlaskaMetro skins are bald/hairless and makeupless so you can layer brows, hairbases, makeup etc. to make them your own. A freckled version is included and they include full appliers for Slink, the Omega System, #themeshproject and Loudmouth. 

Also included with the skins are a boxed makeup kit with 45 makeups, and a nail polish pack with appliers for Slink, Omega, Eve and Maitreya.

L$250 ea.

** Tones: Rose, Bronze and Cacao are EXCLUSIVE to Skin Fair until the event is over! Ivory will be on the Marketplace soon **

(I am wearing eyeshadow #6 in the photos)

Eyebrows Information
Brows include 3 shapes, a hairbase, and 2 ladygarden options. There are appliers for Slink, Omega (included for future compatibility; afaik there aren't heads that use Omega) and #themeshproject. There are tattoo layers with various combinations for Classic avatars.
6 colours available. "Soot" is a free version to test them out. 
L$25 ea.
** Currently only available at Skin Fair, but will be up on the Marketplace soon **

Makeup Information
Each set includes 6 colours. Makeup includes tattoo layers for Classic avatars, #themeshproject installers, Slink Visage applier, Omega applier (works with Sweet Lips if you get the kit), and Loudmouth where applicable. Testers are available for free - they're one of the 6 colours. I've included the three exclusives, and the two best sellers from the rest of the makeup line.
L$25 ea.
** LiquidShine, Cleo and SmokeShow are EXCLUSIVE to Skin Fair until the event is over! Older makeups are in the process of being updated on the Marketplace. **

LiquidShine lipstick

Cleo Eyeshadow

Smokeshow Eyeshadow

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