SLR #302

"Writer's block? Who? Me!?"

I have a deadline coming up soon, well, a couple actually, but how am I supposed to concentrate knowing Skin Fair and Menswear Fashion Week is coming up? All those amazing skins, appliers and makeups, all those incredible looking men! Ugh, it's exhausting!! That's it, I can't concentrate, I'm going shopping! Shopping totally helps with writer's block, right?

Skin: Deesses Skins • Nadine v2 (Milky Coffee) • Skin Fair 2015
Skin Fair starts March 13th

Hair: Truth • Malibu

Shirt: Eyelure • V Pullover (Grey Sassy)

Typewriter: Floorplan • Antique Typewriter Gacha

Desk & Accoutrements: Follow Us • Student Desk (Retro)

Piano: Apple Fall • Dolly Piano (past Chapter Four gacha)

Wall Decals: What Next • Tree Decal

All other decor items by Ionic and are available in the gachas at the mainstore

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