SLR #273

Can you believe I have been working on this blog for 4 and a half hours!?! I'm telling you, the Gods of SL just did not want me to blog today. For starters I logged in this morning and picked what items I would wear, got all dolled up and TPd to the sim I wanted to do the pics at. I took the first 2 pics, one being the closeup below, and oh muh gerd, I noticed my eye alphas covered half the makeup. So I thought, easy fix, I'll just fix the eyes and reshoot the pic. Nuh uh, SL said NOPE! That didn't work, so I tried a different set of eyes, NOPE! Not gonna work, I ended up changing shapes, skins, reloaded my TMP mesh head even went so far as to contact customer service at The Shops to figure out what in the heck was going on. Finally solved it after TPing to The Shops so the customer service rep could look at me. What was the culprit? My eye size was too big! That's it!! Somehow last night in the middle of unpacking, trying on items and adjusting my breasts for an outfit, I changed my eyeballs. LOL
So, with my pretty little eyeballs all fixed up I tried to TP back to the sim I had set up for my pics and the sim was in the middle of a restart! So I had to wait about 10 minutes for it to get up and running again. So, sim came back up and I tp'ed in, only to find my hair did that wonky half load thing where it looks like a 2 year old took a pair of scissors to it. Yea, you know what I'm talking about. Easy peasy though, I'll just detach it and readd it, right? NO! I swear I heard the Linden's laughing maniacally, because SL decided that anything that was currently attached would not be unattached until I relogged. Finally...FINALLY, I log back in, TP to the sim and knock out these last few pics. I'm cruising along now and ready to knock this baby out of the park. Pics, in my opinion, look great so I load up Photoshop to do a little editing and what happens? My computer freezes. Second time this has happened since I've bought this computer less than a year ago, so of course it would be on this day. Again, an easy fix, pics are all saved so no harm I just reboot. Open SL back up, Photoshop, FB (I'm addicted) and ready to go. Then my husband walks into the room and says he wants to take me to lunch. I love blogging, and I love you guys, but I am not passing up a lovely lunch with my honey for it, sorry! =)
So, after a lot of trials I am done and ready to show you these incredible creations. I hope my little story has made you laugh as it has me laughing now. ♥
(In case you're wondering, I had jalapeno catfish)

Skin: Glam Affair • Amberly II (Asia) • Group Gift
One time join fee of 30L; so worth it!

Head Applier: Glam Affair • Artemis (Asia) for TMP Mesh Head
Includes 4 eyebrow options and a no brow option

Makeup (shadow & lips): Deluxe Body Factory • Poppy Valentine Makeup for TMP Mesh Head • Room 69
Pack includes 3 shadows, 3 lipsticks, TMP head applier & tattoo layers

Hair: Truth • Harmony (Light Blondes)
Pack includes bun and ponytail versions

Shirt: NS • Winter Sweater
Shirt also comes with a scarf

Shorts: Deluxe Body Factory/Lutricia's Luxuries • Tova Shorts (Black Denim)

Legwarmers: OrsiniRed • Stolen Dance Legwarmers • Cosmopolitan

Nails: Glaze • Argyle
Slink HUD with 8 color options for fingers & toes

Furniture Set: BananaN • Furniture Set Hex • Cosmopolitan
Includes Moon Chairs with 4 textures, 3 pillow textures with 11 animations,
Lamps (2 colors), hexagon shelf with or without items (not shown), table with or without items

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