SLR #259

The Door to Nowhere

Trapped in a tiny room with bare walls and a door to...nowhere? Well, at least I'm wearing comfortable clothes because it looks like I'm going to be here awhile. 

The skin I'm wearing is another wonderful creation by Glam Affair. It's currently available in the mainstore in the Aria gacha machine. It's in the Asia tone, which I absolutely love. It's flawless and gives my avatar a sweet almost doll like appearance. You definitely want to pick this one up, it also comes with Slink appliers for hands and feet.

The shirt I'm wearing is a layered top from B-Dazzled. The shirt features a texture change HUD with 8 sweater colors and 5 undershirt jean colors. It comes with 5 sizes, L to XS. It's available at Fresh Style. Fresh Style ends this Sunday so make sure you get over there quick for this cute top.

I've paired the top with a nice pair of jeans by NoName. These jeans are really well made and fit me perfectly. Included in the pack is a texture change HUD with 4 colors. They also feature a leg cuffs option. These jeans are available at the NoName mainstore.

These adorable shoes are made by [ Bubble ] for the OMGacha Winter event. The gacha has these cute bunny sneakers I am wearing and 11 other styles. I've included the gacha key below.

I was shopping at The Season's Story recently and came across this hair from Oleander. I must admit this is the first I've heard of this hair brand. This hair is a collaboration between Oleander and Mango Cheeks. Naturally I had to try this adorable fishtail braid style. I really enjoy it, the textures are great and it's a really well realistically made hair. If you haven't checked out Oleander yet make sure you do, you won't regret it.

Skin: Glam Affair ♦ Aria Combination 02 D (Asia)

Hair: !Oleander ♦ Bennett ♦ The Season's Story

Shirt: B-Dazzled ♦ Crisp Winter ♦ Fresh Style

Pants: NoName ♦ Tia Jeans

Shoes: [ Bubble ] ♦ Street Sneakers (Bunny) ♦ OMGacha

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