SLR #254

I know I'm a few days late but I was finally able to get into Collabor88. This months theme is OMG! Unicorns! Lots of pastels and adorable unicorn themed items ranging from clothes to shoes to skin and hair. I wanted to do a fairy princess theme. Hope you like it.

These beautiful gown is the Collabor88 exclusive from Junbug. If you're familiar with Junbug at all you know how gorgeous and realistic her creations are. The dress comes in 5 sizes L - XXS and is available in many other colors. Also available is the corset without the gown. 

The skin I'm using is another flawless creation from Glam Affair. It's the Sia skin in the Asia skintone. I really love the Asia tone, I have several skins in this tone. It's a delicate pale-ish tone, but not too pale so that I feel washed out. Each skin comes with 5 eyebrow shapes and 8 brow colors. There are 8 makeups to choose from, the skin is also available in the America and Jamaica tones. It's also available at Collabor88 at an amazing discounted price.

My shoes are also a Collabor88 exclusive from Violent Seduction. They're made for Slink high feet and come in many different colors. Each pack comes with a HUD to change the color of the decorative metal on the sides and the back of the shoe. They are a beautiful beautiful crafted design that fits my fairy princess theme perfectly.

Make sure you stop by Collabor88 to pick up these incredible items as well as check out the other amazing items for sale.

Skin: Glam Affair ♦ Sia Fairy Tales (Asia 08) ♦ Collabor88

Hair: Exile ♦ Royal Command (

Dress: Junbug ♦ Betty's Gown (Blush Brocade) ♦ Collabor88

Shoes: Violent Seduction ♦ Unicorn Shoe (White) ♦ Collabor88

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey ♦ Betty 2.0

Bag: Offbeat ♦ Unicorn Clutch Dream

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