Skin: Flounce ♦ Scarlett Lace (Bare) ♦ Winter Trend Fair

Hair: Alice Project ♦ Blue Jeans

Shirt & Skirt: [Bubble] ♦ Oh Deer ♦ Group Gift

Booties: Biscuit ♦ Footsie Gacha (Reindeer) ♦ You Better Not Pout Gacha Hunt

Necklace: Divinity ♦ Deesse Mixed Links ♦ Cosmopolitan

Antlers: AJ Designs ♦ Baubles & Bows (Pink) Gacha ♦ The Promenade

Nails: Hello Dave ♦ Wrapping Paper ♦ Group Gift

Eye Makeup: Flounce ♦ Holiday Shadow Gacha ♦ Winter Trend Fair

Bassett Hound w/ wreath: Bye Bye Black Bird ♦ Paws X-Mas Gacha ♦ The Promenade 

Basket: Bye Bye Black Bird ♦ Winter Puppies ♦ The Promenade Gift

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