Shape: Symmetry ♦ Emily ♦ Hello Tuesday

Skin: Dulce Secrets ♦ Orazia Sangria Bare ♦ Free Gift
Gift board is located next to the Midnight Mania board

Hair: enVOGUE ♦ Inna

Jacket: Me Sew Sexy ♦ Short Length Fur Jacket (Black) ♦ Hello Tuesday

Shirt: Sweet Angel ♦ Jully Top ♦ !Go99

Jeans: Immerschoen ♦ Bodycult Skinny Jeans (Black) ♦ !Go99

Boots: Ashmoot ♦ Open Ankle Boots ♦ Hello Tuesday

Earrings: Tantalum ♦ Krizia Earrings ♦ OMG Room

Necklace: Divinity ♦ Essence Necklace

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