I was in the cabin of my ship just as it had set sail, we weren't very far out to sea, land was still clearly visible. Suddenly there was a loud groaning, as if the ship was breaking apart! Imagine my shock and horror when a huge tentacle came through the floor right at my feet!

I fought as hard as I could, there were times I was sure we weren't going to make it. At one point it had me in its grasp, "this is it," I thought, so sure this would be my last day on earth, when a last surge of adrenaline propelled me forward and I was able to defeat the Kraken!

It was a hard won fight and my crew and I were able to keep the ship afloat. After some much needed repairs my cabin was back to normal and I even had a little souvenir from my battle...a lovely sea monster sconce. =)

Hair: Truth ♦ Video Games
Outfit incl. shoes & accessories: StormCrow Designs ♦ Tanya ♦ Fresh Style
Poses & Tentacle Prop: Vestige ♦ Sea Monster ♦ The Pier Market
Wall Sconce: Distorted Dreams ♦ Tentacle Wall Decor ♦ The Pier Market

Skybox & Cartography Decor: Frogstar ♦ Cartographers Study Gacha ♦ Gorean Gacha
(Gorean Gach opens Nov. 15th)

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