Down at the County Fair

So, I actually bought the Slink visage and physique a while back but hadn't really played around with it much. I think my impatience got the better of me and I would start and give up. But, one of my wonderful sponsors, Miss Lutricia of Deluxe Body Factory, has released a new skin named Poppy with a slink visage package to match. I LOVE this. The visage package come with an applier HUD that has 5 eyebrow shades, 30 eyeshadows and 10 lipsticks. It is wonderful and I loved playing around with it. It really is a beautiful, flawless skin. Stop by and pick it up.

Shape: Slink Physique
Head: Slink Visage (Becky)
Skin: Deluxe Body Factory ♦ Poppy (Sand)
Hair: Truth ♦ Xantheanne
Skirt & Top: Sky ♦ Seaside (Coral) ♦ The Great Summer Bash
Shoes: Glow Designs ♦ Crystal Stiletto (Coral) ♦ Designer Circle #85
Hands: Slink Casual
Feet: Slink High

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