Urban Grunge feat. NoName

3:28:00 PM

I started modeling for NoName a few weeks ago, and the whole team is just incredible, so I was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to blog for them as well. I love this outfit, it's also the one you'll catch me modeling the most, the top, bottoms and shoes all come with a texture and color change HUD. NoName has a huge selection of women's and men's clothing, shoes and accessories, and for those with a tight budget there's even a discount store, so stop by and check out Blue and Destany's amazing designs! 

Shape & Skin: Curves ♥ Amber (Fair) ♥ On sale until 6/15/14 ♥ 100L$
Hair: Truth ♥ Lagertha ♥ 250L$
Sunglasses: NoName ♥ Gacha Prize ♥ 50L$
Pants: NoName ♥ Lara ♥ 180L$
Top: NoName ♥ Luna Vest ♥ 180L$
Shoes: NoName ♥ Leah Heels for Slink High ♥ 180L$
Nails: NoName ♥ Pack 2 for Slink ♥ 80L$

♥♥ Big, big thanks to Blue, Destany, Chase and the whole family at NoName for working with me and giving me this incredible opportunity! ♥♥

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