*Cashmere Keane* Epitome Backpack Fatpack

10:07:00 PM

Logged into SL today and was greeted by a subscription notice that put a BIG smile on my face. Seems *Cashmere Keane* is having a huge sale for a limited time. Tons of apparel, shoes and accessories are on sale for only 50L$, even the fatpacks! There is just one catch though, it's only on the marketplace, however, there are styles and colors that aren't even available in-store.  Needless to say I picked up a few fatpacks. How often are high end designer products offered for 50L$? In fatpacks no less! This is the Epitome Backpack fatpack, whew, say that three times! They are also selling the backpacks individually for 50L$. Of course the smart economical choice would be to purchase the fatpack for the same price. You can find the fatpack here. Hope you enjoy!! 

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